Immuno-Oncology Society of India (I-OSI) Questionnaire


Check Point Inhibitors (CPI) use in India: Challenges

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Indian Society Of Immunooncology(I-OSI), I Dr. Jyoti Bajpai, hereby request you to please spare your 5 minutes in responding to this survey questionnaire, which will help us to understand the current practice of Immunotherapeutics usage in the oncology and practical challenges associated with it in the Indian context.

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Experience with check point inhibitors (CPI)

In your practice, you use Check point inhibitors (CPI) for what duration

  • If Other, please describe

Most challenging aspect with check point inhibitors (CPI) use apart from cost is,

Which biomarker y in your opinion is best to decide check point inhibitors (CPI) therapy

Do you use PDL1 expression to decide check point inhibitors (CPI)

True about Check point inhibitors (CPI) (tick all appropriate options)

In your practice , what drugs you have used till date ,as immune-suppressors to mitigate e Check point inhibitors (CPI) toxicity

Did u experience any grade ¾ toxicity with CPI till date, (respond only if this is applicable ie you have experienced it),

  • How many patients

  • What was the toxicity

  • Resolved or not

  • Outcome (disease controlled on observation/ disease controlled on alternative therapy/mortality due to toxicity)

Did you ever re-challenged the patients with CPI after grade 2 or more toxicity with CPI

You be interested in CPI related collaborative research in India

Thank you for you time.